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5 Alcoholic Geek Gifts Any Fan Will Love

Just in time for another super-geeky New Year’s celebration, here’s a few awesome nerd-tacular gifts that will be a welcome addition to any end-of-the-year bash!

Our first gift conjures up the freezing winds of the planet Hoth – right inside your own tumbler!

Not the victory the emperor had imagined.

This freezing-cold molded ball of ice is a bit larger than your average frozen space station, and you may need to make a few in advance for the rebel victory party. As always, click the link to see where you can get your scummy hands on one.

Second on our list is a blast from the past – anyone who grew up in the 80’s will be proud to pimp their favorite half-shells with this TMNT stein:

Are these guys even at drinking age?

Although this nostalgia in a full-pint  has gone through a recent set of reboots both good and horrible, we can always say we’ve got them firmly locked in our alcohol soaked memories…

Third comes the elegant option for all of your drunken sophists friends out there:

Even sober, I can’t make this out…

For those of us who didn’t study dead languages, the translation is Anything Sounds Profound In Latin. Huh.

Fourth is an great option for you growler-hauling types who want a little something to spruce up your take-home brew for the missus:

To be fair, most growlers are kinda boring.

This super-flexible “freaker” sleeve will slide on over any mason jar, bottle or growler to fit the needs of your favorite lasso-slinging, bullet-deflecting fan.

Last but not least on our list is a growler to suit one of the largest fandoms on the internet:

You’d think it’d be a bit more…blue.

Due to the various copy right that prevent certain lovely objects from being created, our wonderful phalanx of artists at Etsy have figured out a way to honor their favorite doctor and not break any laws while doing so!

This was a short list, but that only leaves plenty of room to expand. Any ideas you’d like to throw in? Just make sure to click on the images to be wafted away to the merchant of your particular geeky delight!


On Bentos

Let me explain…

A “bento” is a Japanese style lunch box that has long been the rage of Japanese school children and world-wide Japanophiles alike. In my efforts to start eating a bit better, I decided to buy one.


The point lies in the packing of your future repast – you have to actively plan what you’ll pack and how to place it. Since this forces you to take a long bleary-eyed look at all the chips and sandwiches and pizza slices that might not quite fit, and in the long run might lead to your children weeping by your early grave, at the very least it makes you think about what you eat.

Here’s one of my early attempts:

Broccoli, Fried Rice and Salmon
Broccoli, Fried Rice and Salmon

Amazon, through its little aggregate data gremlins, discovered that I liked bento products, and thus began its commercial battle of attrition. I finally broke and bought a little sandwich cutter a few days ago.


Though obviously meant for five year olds I still couldn’t help myself. (I’d rather not think about what that implies >.>)  Here is the result of careful scientific experimentation with this nutrition-sectioning device:

Stamping animal faces should be a form of therapy.
Stamping animal faces should be a form of therapy.

Upon forwarding said image to my Mother, she demanded I bring my toy to our next Obligatory Relational Aggregation. I’ve decided to humor her.

These things are like one large bite. Of awesome.
These things are like one large bite. Of awesome.

I’ll be happy to pass along more eye-salting posts on bentos in the future.